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Latest from the Blog

  • Because of You – Dawn French
    Because I’m a seasonal reader, I had to wait until 1st January to start this 😂 This book really reminded me of  Blood Brothers, one of my favourite plays. A couple of things annoyed me – the capitalisation of words and the repeated use of the word “fug!” Coming towards the end I was thinkingContinue reading “Because of You – Dawn French”
  • June Readathon
    I am joining in with a readathon in June 2021 to raise money for MIND. We are aiming to read 500,000 pages in total as a group! Please check out the link below and sponsor us if you can! I am planning to document my reading on my #bookstagram @missredreads and I’ll post a photoContinue reading “June Readathon”
  • Book Review
    This is an incredible debut novel! I’m not sure if this is how you describe it in books, but it breaks the 4th wall like in films, by talking directly to the reader. CW for loss of mother. I was aware of this before I started the book and although it was challenging for me,Continue reading “Book Review”